Are you interested in a Yoga program for AS?  We’ve got the perfect resource for you!

The Canadian Spondyloarthritis Association is excited to partner with Yoga For AS, a UK based group of yoga instructors who themselves are spondyloarthritis patients!

This program, free to Canadians through the CSA, will provide an overview and introduction to “Yoga for AS”, designed to get people living with SpA moving and stretching, to ultimately improve mobility and flexibility. Yoga and stretching, breathing and relaxation techniques can be life changing with the proper guidance. This program is led by Geoff Lindsay and Jamie Boder, who are not only certified and experienced yoga instructors; they both have AS and have developed this program over several years in conjunction with hundreds of patients.



Yoga for AS is designed for patients with ALL levels of skill and mobility and for people of all ages and stages of disease. There is something for everyone and we encourage you to check it out and see if yoga and stretching can benefit you and help you better manage your spondyloarthritis.


Interested in learning more or signing up for the program? It’s easy! Just fill out the form on this page and you will receive a link and code to use to access the CSA program at Yoga for AS.  These introductory resources are totally free and there is no obligation to join any further programs, but there are advanced programs and more extensive resources available at a discount for those who wish to take it to the next level.

For more information, please contact us at info@sparthritis.ca – otherwise go ahead and fill out the form and you can start exploring the program at your own pace and on your own time.


Signup – Yoga Program for AS

CSA is grateful for the support of the following partners in the development of this program.

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