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Printed & Downloadable Resources.

The Canadian Spondyloarthritis Association has developed guidebooks on AxSpA and PsA to provide information and tools for your patients. In addition to being a valuable resource to those living with spondyloarthritis, these are also excellent pieces to share with their friends to gain a better understanding of their condition and how it can impact their life.

Interested in printed copies? We are currently in the process of updating our AS and PsA guidebooks with updated information on these diseases, along with refreshing the content to feature our new name and branding.

Please use the form below to pre-order printed copies of these books, or to order digital copies for download. 

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Arthritis Treatment Risk Tool

Have you had the chance to explore the CSA’s Arthritis Treatment Risk Tool? This tool has been designed to assist patients with autoimmune diseases to better understand the risks of being in a state of active disease vs. receiving advanced therapies that can result in low disease activity or remission.   You can share this tool with all patients who have been diagnosed and are considering various treatment options.


Quality of Life Report

We asked Spondyloarthritis (SpA) patients from across Canada to share their experiences of how SpA pain affects their daily lives. Over 850 of them raised their voices to be included in our national survey, and we have compiled their responses into our 2020 Quality of Life Survey Report. Their experiences have helped us learn how we can better support those living with SpA.


We learned that chronic SpA pain affects a patient’s:

  • Sleep: 89% of respondents said that Spondyloarthritis impacts their sleep.
  • Mental Health: 56% of respondents said they live with anxiety and depression.
  • Relationships:  37% of respondents said that they do not feel they have a good support network.
  • Livelihoods:  Only 41% of respondents felt their employer would accommodate their illness, and many are afraid to tell their employer about their condition.


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