So you want to have a a baby? Pregnancy & Arthritis Webinar

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How can you have a healthy pregnancy while living with Arthritis?



The CSA was thrilled to host Dr. Carl Laskin for a very special webinar on arthritis and pregnancy Dr. Laskin, a rheumatologist that specializes in pregnant patients, provided excellent information on the interaction of medicine and answered questions from the community regarding concerns around pregnancy, fertility and arthritis.

Topics will include:

  • Family planning and discussions with your doctor
  • When will I be ready to go forward and try to get pregnant?
  • Is spondylitis and other rheumatic diseases associated with fertility problems?
  • If I get pregnant, what are my next steps?
  • What can I expect during pregnancy regarding my underlying spondylitis?
  • Are there special considerations regarding labour and delivery? Will I need a cesarian section?
  • After delivery, will my spondylitis flare?
  • Now my child is 2 years of age and my partner and I are planning another pregnancy. How should I proceed?

Watch the recording

For those who were able to join us, we hope you found the session valuable!  If you were not able to join live – we have a recording available here:

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