Dietary Interventions in Psoriatic Arthritis (DIPSA) Study

Psoriatic arthritis is an inflammatory arthritis that affects 1 in 400 Canadians and can lead to significant joint damage and disability. Despite the availability of effective medications, many patients continue to experience debilitating joint pain and stiffness that have significant impact on their quality of life. Patients with psoriatic arthritis…

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The Canadian Spondylitis Assocation is now operating as the Canadian Spondyloarthritis Association

News Dear CSA Community, We are excited to announce that in line with updated medical terminology and your feedback, the Canadian Spondylitis Association (CSA) is changing its operating name to the Canadian Spondyloarthritis Association (CSA). This change will help us to better represent those affected by the range of conditions…

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Yoga for AS Program

Are you interested in a Yoga program for AS?  We’ve got the perfect resource for you! The Canadian Spondyloarthritis Association is excited to partner with Yoga For AS, a UK based group of yoga instructors who themselves are spondyloarthritis patients! This program, free to Canadians through the CSA, will provide…

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