Dear CSA Community,

As we find ourselves well into the new year, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the strength and resilience that defines our community. The challenges we face may persist, but it is our shared spirit that propels us forward in our pursuit of progress and hope. The CSA team and board are honored and inspired to lead the way in focusing on awareness, understanding, and, above all, improved health outcomes for those impacted by spondyloarthritis.

Recognizing the Impact: A Path to Empathy

Spondyloarthritis touches the lives of numerous individuals, each navigating a unique set of challenges. From the initial uncertainties to the daily management of symptoms, we understand the profound impact this condition has on your lives. It is crucial that we acknowledge the physical, emotional, and societal dimensions of spondyloarthritis, recognizing the diverse experiences within our community.

A Commitment to Swift Diagnosis and Timely Treatment

One of our primary goals for this year is to significantly reduce the time it takes to diagnose spondyloarthritis. We recognize the importance of time and are committed to ensuring individuals receive accurate diagnoses promptly. Early detection facilitates the implementation of effective treatments, a crucial factor in preventing long-term, irreversible damage.

For the over half a million Canadians living with SpA, access to treatments should not be a privilege but a fundamental right. We will persist in building systems and advocating for policies that ensure every patient has timely access to the most effective treatments available. By breaking down barriers to care, we aim to empower individuals with spondyloarthritis to proactively manage their condition, preserving their long-term health.

Knowledge is Empowerment: Awareness, Education, and Support

Empowering our community begins with knowledge. In the year ahead, we will intensify our efforts to raise awareness about spondyloarthritis, not only among the general public but also within the medical community. Education is the cornerstone of progress, and we are committed to providing resources that enable patients to make informed decisions about their health.

Managing spondyloarthritis involves not only understanding the condition itself but also being aware of potential complications and available treatment options. Our commitment to patient support includes fostering a community where individuals can share experiences, insights, and strategies for navigating the complexities of spondyloarthritis.

Advocacy for Change: Shaping Positive Health Policy Environments

Real progress necessitates systemic change. We will actively engage with policymakers, healthcare providers, and stakeholders to influence positive health policy environments. Our goal is to create a landscape where innovation thrives, optimal outcomes are prioritized, and the needs of individuals with spondyloarthritis are heard and met.

Together, we can shape a future where spondyloarthritis is met with understanding, where timely diagnosis and access to effective treatments are the norm, and where each person affected by this condition can lead a life unhindered by the limitations imposed by arthritis.

As we continue this journey into the new year, let us stand united in our pursuit of a brighter, healthier future for the entire CSA community. Thank you for your unwavering support, and here’s to a year of progress, hope, and collective strength.

With determination and optimism,

Brenda Delodder and the CSA Team