Spondyloarthritis & Physical Activity (2022)

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Come join the CSA with Physiotherapist Laura Passalent to learn more about the role that physical activity plays in living with and managing Spondyloarthritis. We’ll be discussing everything from why it’s important in managing AS and how to include movement in your treatment plan. We’ll learn physical activities and guidelines, and how to start a physical activity program and who can help you in your journey. Come and learn how to improve your quality of life!

Topics Discussed

  • Why exercise is important in managing AS
  • How to include exercise in your treatment plan,
  • Learn physical activities & Guidelines
  • Learn how to start a physical activity program
  • Who can help you in your journey?

Watch the recording

For those who were able to join us, we hope you found the session valuable!  If you were not able to join live – we have a recording available here:

Evaluation – SpA & Physical Activity 

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