Q&A for Entereopathic Arthritis (EnA)

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Interested in learning about about Enteropathic Arthritis via our recorded webinar?

The Canadian Spondylitis Association & Dr. Sherry Rohekar hosted this free webinar to answer member questions on Enteropathi Arthritis (EnA). This webinar was open to all members, regardless of whether you have spondyloarthritis or not.  Dr. Rohekar appreciated having the opportunity to build this webinar around the community’s needs, and did her best to address the many questions that were submitted in advanced to help form the content of this recording.

Watch the recording

For those who were able to join us, we hope you found the session valuable!  If you were not able to join live – we have a recording available here:

Evaluation – Enteropathic Arthritis Q&A

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