Brenda Delodder

Brenda leads the Canadian Spondyloarthritis Association (CSA) – the only patient-led charity focused solely on Canadians living with spondyloarthritis (SpA). Via an impact and outcomes based methodology, she applies a human and patient centred approach to implementing programs, strategy, advocacy and research.


Brenda focusses on creating space and giving a voice to those battling the relentless disease.  Currently with no cure, SpA affects more people than Multiple Sclerosis and ALS combined, with projections nearing a half million Canadians battling this invisible disease. Brenda leads a team that offers data-informed, evidence-based and relevant resources for hundreds of thousands of current and future patients suffering from the disease. Brenda oversees activation of the newly established and bold strategic plan, positioning the national charity for growth and transformation, all while advocating to drive down the unacceptable 7-10 years it takes for Canadians to receive diagnosis.

Prior to joining CSA, Brenda held the role of CEO for Food for Life, where she earned the accolade of Canada’s top 10 charities for social return on impact. Brenda also held the role of CEO with the Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation where she focused on advancing orthopaedic research, promoting patient and public education and improving community care. She has a track record for contributing to, and advocating for, many national and provincial policies, including acting as a key spokesperson for the $30 billion National Affordable Childcare Policy, $1.3 billion National Poverty Reduction Strategy, $82 billion National Affordable Housing Strategy. Within the healthcare sector, Brenda advocated for the extension of the Compassionate Care Leave Policy that ensures those caring for dependents can collect paid subsidies, contributed to the Osteoarthritis Pan-Canadian Model of Care, supported the launch of the Intimate Partner Violence Screening program in hospitals, and advocated for reduced wait times for elective surgery aligned with the World Health Organization.

Most recently, during her tenure with United Way, Brenda was recognized as top 10 women leaders in Canada for her leadership with COVID-19 emergency support work and recovery impact.

Preceding her career in the not-for-profit sector, Brenda held executive level marketing and communications roles with national and regional corporate organizations in the financial services and real estate sectors.