Non-Pharmacological Treatments

Managing Spondyloarthritis takes time and effort, and in many cases, trial and error. What works well for one patient is not necessarily effective for another, even if they have been diagnosed with the same condition. What works for someone now may not work for the same person in the future…

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Yoga for AS Program

Are you interested in a Yoga program for AS?  We’ve got the perfect resource for you! The Canadian Spondyloarthritis Association is excited to partner with Yoga For AS, a UK based group of yoga instructors who themselves are spondyloarthritis patients! This program, free to Canadians through the CSA, will provide…

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Nutrition Banner

Nutrition & Chronic Inflammatory Illness

Nutrition & Chronic Inflammatory Illness Nutrition and chronic inflammatory illness We know how hard it is to find trustworthy information online. It’s even harder when you are looking for information on health and nutrition. People are constantly pushing their latest supplement, the latest cure-all diet, or making you feel bad…

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